JOB OPENING: Channel 17 Field Producer

August 25, 2015

Channel 17 is hiring one part-time Field Producer to cover Chittenden County municipal meetings and public events to air on its government access TV channels and website www.Ch17.TV Meetings typically take place during evening hours with some weekend event coverage.

VPR commentary on Public Access - Reprint

August 25, 2015

There’s no way we can reverse the trend of cable giants in their corporate push to the top, but each of us can show our support — volunteer, donate and, most importantly, watch — the shows being produced by PEG stations. By doing so, we're really saying our communities come first.

CCTV Archiving Intern

June 03, 2015

Channel 17/Town Meeting TV is seeking an archiving intern for the summer of 2015.  Help us digitize 30 years of community video. Term: Up to 20 hours/week.

CCTV Celebrates 31 Years of Community Access and Advocacy

June 03, 2015

Join the CCTV crew, media activists, the civic minded and supporters of local democracy for a great evening by the shore of Lake Champlain. Celebrate 31 years of community media advocacy. Swing to the tunes of UnDun and eat some cake. "I love those parties because there is food and cake." - Solomon Zeitlyn, Teen Volunteer on being invited to attend.

Join us Friday, June 12, 2015 from 5-8 p.m. at the St John's club in Burlington VT. Rsvp at

Update From Our Friends at Free Press About the Comcast Merger

April 28, 2015

More than a million people spoke out against the deal, and many in Washington listened. As was true in the Net Neutrality debate, the people-powered movement for Internet freedom has become a force to be reckoned with. The Department of Justice and Federal Communications Commission, which are charged with reviewing the deal, should be commended for listening to the people, reviewing the facts and standing up against Comcast’s multi-million dollar lobbying machine.

FCC Commissioner Copps Speaks Out Against Comcast/Time Warner Merger

April 23, 2015

It’s now a two-front people’s crusade to prevent gatekeepers from wresting control of our nation’s communications ecosystem. One front is preserving and protecting the Federal Communications Commission’s historic passage of real net neutrality rules two months ago. The other is stopping the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger in its tracks.

Channel 17 Welcomes New Trustee for Winooski, Michele Palardy

March 23, 2015

It would be great to get more people involved in voting. I’ve stood at the senior center on voting day and I wish voter turnout was bigger. Maybe the media could help spur that on more? Community media could be used for getting important topics out there to the people of Winooski. A lot of things that people don’t know - They don’t know there is a community center, that there is a group against the F35s, general information about the city. Until the F35 issue came up, I paid my taxes, loved Winooski, but wasn’t involved. Now that I’ve gotten involved, I’ve met people and I have made real connections.

This Week on TV and Online

March 10, 2015

Videos from our current schedule and online archive ready for you to view, learn about your community and what makes it work.