Media Activists and Community Producers: Weigh in on Vermont 10-Year Telecommunications Plan

June 14, 2021

Support Community Media as Vermont Charts the Future!
We need your help to alert your local networks and share testimony in support of a sustainable future for community media in Vermont.

The Vermont Department of Public Service is working with an outside consultant to develop and write a 10-Year Telecommunications Plan that contains specific recommendations that will affect the future of Public, Educational, and Government Access (also known as PEG-TV) in Vermont.

The State is seeking comments on the final draft before it is adopted. Now is the time to be heard!

Important Dates/Times:
Public Hearings on the Final Draft of the Plan will take place (remotely) on Thursday 6/17 (6 p.m.), Wednesday 6/23 (6 p.m.) and Thursday 6/24 (6 p.m.). There is also a Legislative Hearing slated for Tuesday 6/22 at Noon. The deadline for written comments is June 30, 2021. Email comments to: psd [dot] telecom [at] vermont [dot] gov
You can also fill out a 3-question survey.

Review the plan and join the meetings at

Need more inspiration?

  • Recommendations related to Public, Educational, and Government Access are found on page 17 and pages 156-158 of the plan.
  • If you file comments: Describe the work you do at your local community media center and/or why public access television is important to you.
  • Emphasize that it is important for the 10-Year Plan to speak directly to the value of PEG Access, the importance of public access to commercial features of the public network, and the need for new partnerships and creative solutions to we work through new ways to structure communications fees and taxes to support public uses of cable and telecommunications networks.