Former Police Chief Mike Schirling appointed as BTV Ignite New Executive Director

September 23, 2015

Mayor Miro Weinberger and other Burlington institutional leaders today announced a series of steps to strengthen the two-year-old BTV Ignite initiative which is dedicated to aligning Burlington’s powerful gigabit infrastructure as a tool, test bed, and accelerator for economic, educational, and community benefit. These next steps include:

Mourning the Passing of Open Media Pioneer Dr. Everett C. Parker

September 18, 2015

Rev. Dr. Everett C. Parker passed away early this morning at the age of 102. He was the first director of Communications in 1957 for the newly-formed United Church of Christ. In that role he founded the United Church of Christ, Office of Communication, Inc., a media reform and accountability ministry with a civil rights agenda, that worked to improve the coverage and employment of women and people of color in broadcasting and other media.

Channel 17 Programming. What It Is and How You Can Get Involved.

September 09, 2015

Community producer programming is integral to the health and vitality of our channel. It keeps viewers engaged and reaches out to wider segments of the population who can then see the connection between these community events and local government in their lives. The continuum from demonstration to local lecture, from NPA to Selectboard meeting is the fabric that weaves our civic life. The mission of Channel 17/Town Meeting TV is "to open the doors to local democracy." Sometimes the first door in local democracy is participation in local community life.

CCTV Archiving Intern - Spring 2016

August 27, 2015

Channel 17/Town Meeting TV is seeking an archiving intern for the spring of 2016.  Help us digitize 30 years of community video. Term: Up to 20 hours/week.

Want To Learn How To Operate a Video Camera and Direct a TV Show?

August 27, 2015

Our volunteers have gone on to study media production at college, become television hosts, work as field producers at community access TV, make their own TV productions and more.

If you are interested in learning more, contact Rob Reiber at 802-862-3966 x13

VIA and SOS Live at 5:25

August 27, 2015

JOB OPENING: Channel 17 Field Producer

August 25, 2015

Channel 17 is hiring one part-time Field Producer to cover Chittenden County municipal meetings and public events to air on its government access TV channels and website www.Ch17.TV Meetings typically take place during evening hours with some weekend event coverage.

VPR commentary on Public Access - Reprint

August 25, 2015

There’s no way we can reverse the trend of cable giants in their corporate push to the top, but each of us can show our support — volunteer, donate and, most importantly, watch — the shows being produced by PEG stations. By doing so, we're really saying our communities come first.