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Format: 2021-05-18
Format: 2021-05-18
Press Conference on Short-term Job Compensation Legislation - 12/14/2009
At the Burlington International Airport,  Rep. Welch outlined legislation he is championing that provides full federal support for the state’s Short-Time Compensation (STC) program, which encourages agreements between businesses and employees...
Press Conference Call - Ongoing Trip to Pakistan - 11/12/2009
Representative Welch calls in from Islamabad, Pakistan, sharing insights as part of an official Congressional delegation organized by the Oversight and Government Reform Subcommittee on National Security and Foreign Affairs.
Health Insurance for Young People - 10/20/2009
Representative Peter Welch is co-sponsor of a the Young Adult Health Coverage Act (H.R. 2831), allowing young people to remain on their parents' health insurance policies until the age of 27. Joining the Congressman is Peter Sterling, Vermont...
Congressional Forum on Health Care - 10/10/2009
As the U.S. House prepares to vote on legislation to provide health security and stability to all Americans, Congressman Peter Welch held a statewide forum in Williston to discuss the legislation and the need for reform, taking questions and...
Social Security Cost-Of-Living Adjustment - 09/21/2009
Rep. Peter Welch outlines a plan to address projections that Social Security recipients may not receive a cost-of-living adjustment for the next three years.
A Conversation at Channel 17 Studios - 09/04/2009
Host Jess Wilson, speaks with Congressman Peter Welch on the economy, credit, Afghanistan, and more.
Freeing Up Credit for Small Businesses - 07/13/2009
Rep. Peter Welch unveils legislation intended to free up credit for small businesses. The Congressman is joined by Bennington Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Joanne Erenhouse, Chittenden Bank lender Robin Shanahan, Franklin County Regional...
Assistant Secretary of Veterans Affairs Duckworth Highlights the GI Bill - 06/30/2009
Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Tammy Duckworth visits Vermont by invitation of Rep. Peter Welch. Duckworth and Welch highlight the new G.I. Bill and hear from Vermont veterans.
Federal Funds for Winooski's O'Brien Community Center - 06/15/2009
Rep. Peter Welch announces a federal grant he secured for Winooski's O'Brien Community Center. He's joined by Winooski Parks and Recreation Director Bob Dimasi.  
Healthcare Legislation - 05/18/2009
ADVISORY: Welch to unveil health care legislation at South Burlington press conference Rep. Peter Welch will outline the legislation and present his agenda for the upcoming health care reform debate, Will will be joined by Fletcher Allen Health Care...
Stimulating Green Conference Keynote Addresses- Vermont Recovery Officer Tom Evslin and Rep. Welch - 05/01/2009
Rep. Peter Welch and the State of Vermont host a day-long conference to help small businesses learn how to contract with the state and federal government.  Rep. Welch and Vermont REcovery Official Tom Evslin address the more than $700 million of...
A Conversation at Channel 17 Studios - 05/01/2009
Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian, speaks with Congressman Peter Welch on the economy, credit, Afghanistan, and more.
Welch and Kiss Press Conference on Federal Funds forthe Robert Miller Recreation Center - 04/27/2009
Congressman Peter Welch and Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss hold a press conference discussing and answering questions about new monies by the federal government being put into the Robert Miller Recreation Center.  They are joined by Wayne Gross Director...
Essex Rotary Forum on the Economy - 04/15/2009
Congressman Peter Welch joins the Essex Rotary for a forum on the economy.
Announcement of Energy Efficiency Legislation - 03/16/2009
Congressman Peter Welch announces introduction of a bill creating a national energy efficiency program geared toward retrofitting millions of homes and businesses.