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Format: 2020-07-12
Format: 2020-07-12
House Inaction on New Farm Bill - 07/31/2012
With House leaders refusing so far to take up a bipartisan 5-year reauthorization of the Farm Bill, Rep. Peter Welch is joined by Rep. Bill Owens (D, NY-23), Sheldon dairy farmer Bill Rowell, and St. Albans Cooperative Creamery general manager Leon...
Small Business Federal Disaster Relief Proposal - 07/09/2012
In meetings with small business owners impacted by Irene, Rep. Peter Welch heard one recurring theme about federal disaster relief programs: They did not meet the needs of many small businesses. In the days and weeks following Irene, SBA distributed...
Effort to Avert Scheduled Doubling of Student Loan Interest Rates - 04/16/2012
With federally subsidized Stafford Student loan interest rates set to double on July 1st, Rep. Peter Welch announces efforts to block the increase.  The announcement comes as student loan debt is reaching a crisis point. According to the...
Action on Out-of-Control Federal Campaign Spending - 04/04/2012
Rep. Peter Welch discusses his trip to the Middle East.  Rep. Peter Welch, urges President Obama to take action and get a cop on the beat that will enforce election rules in the Wild West campaign environment ushered in by Citizens United....
Middle East Trip - Oman, Afghanistan, Egypt - 11/11/2011
Rep. Peter Welch discusses his trip to the Middle East.  Rep. Peter Welch, on his way back to the United States, calls in from London, England to share perspectives on his bi-partisan trip to Oman, Afghanistan and Egypt.
Efforts to Ensure Irene Recovery Assistance to Vermont - 09/07/2011
At an airport press conference, Rep. Peter Welch outlines efforts he will make upon returning to Washington to ensure Vermont receives the federal assistance it needs to recover from Tropical Storm Irene. Welch will preside over a...
Debt Ceiling Negotiations and Vermont Captive Insurance Legislation - 07/11/2011
Joined by Richard Smith, President of the Vermont Captive Insurance Associatioin (VCIA), David Provost, Deputy Commissioner of Vermont Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration and Dianne Salter of Mountain Laurel Risk Retention...
Ending the War in Afghanistan - Reforming America's Anti-Terrorism Policy - 05/23/2011
In the weeks following the killing of Osama Bin Laden, Rep. Peter Welch has emerged as a House leader in advocating for a reformed policy to address the threat posed by terrorism. He is spearheading a bipartisan effort urging President Obama to...
Outline of Health Care Options for Graduating Vermont College Students - 05/10/2011
As college graduation day nears for many Vermont students, Rep. Peter Welch outlines important new health care options available to graduating seniors.  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act signed into law last March gives...
Budget Priorities Tour - Roundtable on Women's Health Programs - 04/27/2011
At a Winooski Family Health Center, Rep. Peter Welch continues his Budget Priorities Tour with a roundtable discussion on women's health programs.  He will be joined by Dr. Ann Goering of Winooski Family Health Center, Stephanie Beck...
Rep. Peter Welch - Farm-to-Plate Roundtable Discussion - 02/03/2011
The second stop on a month long listening tour, Rep. Peter Welch tours the Intervale's food distribution center, then sits down with farmers, distributors, consumers, economic development officials and business leaders to discuss how the...
Roundtable on the 112th Congress - 01/04/2011
A preview of Representative Peter Welch's (D-VT) agenda for the 112th Congress, including remarks on the House Republican leadership’s legislation to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Clean Energy Tour - 07/09/2010
Representative Peter Welch discusses the need to invest in job-creating, developing industries, like renewable energy and energy efficiency at Draker labs.
A Conversation with Representative Peter Welch - 04/06/2010
Host Laure-Glenn Davitian, speaks with Congressman Peter Welch on the recent Health Care Reform legislation and more.
Telephone Call Press Conference - Health Care Vote - 03/22/2010
Representative Welch calls in from Washington D.C., sharing insights of the Health Care Vote.

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