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Format: 2022-01-17
Format: 2022-01-17
TBD - 01/27/2022
Congolese Choir and French Speaking African Catholic Community Holiday Performance - 12/12/2021
The French Speaking African Catholic Community and The Congolese Catholic Community Choir perform at St. Mark's Church in Burlington. The first three songs are for the Advent season which starts on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and leads up...
Trusted Community Voices Outreach Team and Vermont Professional of Color Network - 11/22/2021
Trusted Community Voices Outreach Team: Started in April 2020 in the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Trusted Community Voices (TCV) initiative seeked to enhance community engagement efforts and create open dialogue for Burlington residents, with...
ARPA and Booster Shots - 10/28/2021
Dr. Jules Wetchi meets with Kara Alnasrawi to discuss ARPA funding and the value of booster shots. A. ARPA is the American Rescue Plan Act put in place by President Biden. This plan awarded federal money to cities in the United States including...
Gouvernement de la Ville de Burlington 2021 (City of Burlington Government 2021) - 08/25/2021
Many of the new Americans who live in Burlington don't know how the city of Burlington works. During this program we explain the organizational chart of the city of Burlington. Dr. Jules Wetchi presents the 2021 city of Burlington government as...