African Variety Show: ARPA and Booster Shots

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Dr. Jules Wetchi meets with Kara Alnasrawi to discuss ARPA funding and the value of booster shots.
A.    ARPA is the American Rescue Plan Act put in place by President Biden.  This plan awarded federal money to cities in the United States including Burlington.  This money is to be spent on the Covid health emergency, negative economic impacts of the pandemic, water and wastewater and more.
B. Why should I get a booster shot?  The COVID-19 vaccines are working well at preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death – even against the widely circulating Delta variant. Studies show that after getting the COVID-19 vaccine, protection against the virus may decrease over time and be less able to protect against the Delta variant. A booster shot gives your body extra protection. With an increased immune response, people should have improved protection against COVID-19, including the Delta variant.( Vermont Department of Health).

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