Vermont Access Network (VAN)



The Vermont Access Network, a non-profit corporation established to promote an interest in the effective operation and advancement of Public, Educational and Government Access centers in the State of Vermont. It is the mission of the Vermont Access Network to further the goals of Vermont's PEG organizations and to foster free speech, interconnectivity and community discourse through the use of current and future communications technologies.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-10-26
Format: 2021-10-26
Vermont Energy Independence Day with The Solar Bus - 03/21/2012
For Vermont Energy Independence Day, Gary Beckwith, founder of The Solar Bus, demonstrates various applications of solar energy and gives a tour of the bus's systems and vegetable oil fuel.
VT Public Service Board Hearing on Vermont Yankee - 03/09/2012
The Vermont Public Service Board holds a hearing at the Statehouse concerning the future and legal issues surrounding the nuclear power plant, Vermont Yankee, in Vernon, VT on March 9th, 2012.
Financing the Adoption of Renewable Energy Technologies: PACE & NeighborWorks - 02/15/2012
Two presentations in tandem: The first by Peter Adamczyk of VEIC, explaining Vermont's Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE 2.0) program for financing residential renewable energy uprgades (58 minutes); the second by Ludy Biddle, Director of...
The Front Page with Andrew McKeever: "Guest, Bruce Lisman" - 02/09/2012
Host Andrew McKeever sits down with Bruce Lisman.
1st Wednesdays Lecture Series - US Foreign Policy in the Complicated and Incendiary Middle East - 02/02/2012
Former CIA Chief of Counterterrorism, Haviland Smith speaks on US Foreign Policy in the complicated and incendiary Middle East. Presented and hosted by The Mark Skinner Library.
Healthy Aging - Problem Gambling - 01/25/2012
Patrica Facey interviews Joy Mitchell, Executive Director of the Vermont Council on Problem Gambling about the signs and symptoms of a gambling addiction and how the elderly can be at risk.
Vermont Freedom to Marry's Legal and Financial Planning Workshop for Same-Sex Couples - 01/04/2012
Vermont Freedom to Marry’s Legal and Financial Planning Workshop for Same-Sex Couples live from five Vermont towns through VIT's webcasting service.
Standing Watch: Accountable to You, Accountable to Me - 12/14/2011
"Standing Watch: A Discussion of Topics About Vermont". In this premier episode of Standing Watch, Vermont Auditor Tom Salmon discusses a new program, "Accountable to You, Accountable to Me" with Barbara Cimaglio, Deputy...
Marijuana Resolve: Dan Lefkowitz - 12/06/2011
This talk show about the world's most controversial plant returns with special guest Dan Lefkowitz, host of the daring breakout series "Things You Can't Talk About." For more info, please, write to viddacrochetta [at] gmail [dot]...
Things You Can't Talk About - 12/05/2011
Things You Can't Talk About takes you backstage on a legal Marijuana operation in the state of Vermont. Learn the nuances and pitfalls of this "thing" you definitely can't talk about. For more info, please, write to viddacrochetta...
Citizens United Forum on Corporate Free Speech - 11/29/2011
VPIRG and Clean Yield Asset Management co-sponsored a discussion 11/29/11 on the Supreme Court decision that gave corporations the same free speech rights as individuals, opening the floodgates for corporate money in electoral politics. Panelists...
Japan's Tipping Point - 11/25/2011
Vermont author Mark Pendergrast talks about his new book "Japan's Tipping Point" about the role of renewables in Japan's energy future.
Vermont Progressive Party Caucus - 11/19/2011
Annual convention at the Statehouse in Montpelier. For more information, please visit Vermont Progressive Party website.
Healthy Aging - Effects of Alcohol on the Elderly and Its Negative Impact on Nutrition - 11/15/2011
Patrica Facey talks with Kathryn Clark MS, RD, CD about the effects of alcohol on the elderly and its negative impact on nutrition.
ACLU Keynote: Student Rights and Free Speech - 10/29/2011
Keynote address by Louis Sirkin on "Student Free Speech Rights" at the American Civil Liberties Union-Vermont Annual Meeting held at the National Life Building in Montpelier on October 29, 2011. Remarks by ACLU-Vermont Director Allen...