Mark Selvig Sandblasting his Old Truck

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Nat on Mark Selvig - Mark lived across the street from me on Adsit Ct. in the mid-seventies.  He was rehabbing this old truck in his driveway, and I took a couple shots of him working, figuring I could get a little program out of it.  When he died, that was the end of that, but I did include it in CCTV's 25th anniversary dead people category. 

But he was a video editor at WCAX-TV, as one of Mark's roommates Bob Davis was a video photographer there, and like all the folks at CAX, as well as all the other media people were very friendly and engaging and always willing to give me pointers or explain what they were doing.  And of course are extremely competent in their work.  Bob's video work in a news story is just so exquisite, flowing underneathe what the words are saying, using images miraculously captured in anticipation of how the story will be put together.

And Mark was wild about non-linear editing possibilities, and loved to demonstrate what every little button could do, and how he would amaze new customers when he showed them how he could with his one little computer what huge studios could do.  And of course all that's commonplace these days.

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  • Production Date: 06/20/1985
  • Catalog Number: 75
  • Archive Number: R47
  • Series: none
  • Length: 00:03:40
  • Town: Burlington
  • Geography: Burlington
  • Event Type: General
  • Content Type: Other




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