Artful Word: Abenaki Heritage Festival Lake Champlain Maritime Museum

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"Accompany award-winning producer James Gero on an enlightening voyage of exploration. Extricate yourself from a world regulated with all the bells and whistles of modernity. Journey to a world forgotten by most but not by all. Meet Chief Don Stevens, majestic and elegant spokesman of the Abenaki people. Big as a bear, larger than life, a Native American down to earth; a diplomatic and congenial storyteller and leader extraordinaire. Walking in his footsteps is like walking down the path he has not forgotten, a path of peoples of ancient civilizations, trade, water travel, and vast commerce.
The native peoples inhabited and thrived on this continent. The first inhabitants of their sacred waterways, hunting, and fishing grounds, living and loving, free peoples and their own communal embrace. For over 30,000 years they thrived unmolested and greatly prospered. Listen to stories of their spirit gods and fables of moral righteousness. Relive their language and all the wisdom that they hold close to their hearts, then and now.
If you can listen, you now will hear the true history of great civilizations, friends, and loving families. This land is the land of the first peoples. Throw out your history books and now recognize the real peoples, the first inhabitants of this continent, the native Americans."
- written by James A. Gero

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  • Production Date: 06/23/2019
  • Catalog Number: none
  • Archive Number:
  • Series: Artful Word
  • Producer: James Gero
  • Length: *1:45:09
  • Town: Vermont
  • Geography: Vermont
  • Event Type: General
  • Content Type: Other


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8 Saturday August 3, 2019 at 3:00 PM
9 Sunday August 18, 2019 at 6:00 PM


James Gero

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