Common Good Advisory Team Meets to Launch Vermont Nonprofit Capacity Building

March 18, 2009

Vermont nonprofit leaders met in the first of a series of discussions designed to improve the capacity of the state's independent sector. aims to help Vermont nonprofits "do more with less" and raise the visibility of the sector.

March 18 Same-Sex Marriage Hearing

March 18, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage Proposal Public Hearing

Fundraising in Tough Times: How to survive in a challenging economy

March 16, 2009

Our economy is in bad shape and will only get worse. So what can we fundraisers do to minimize the impact of this diffi - cult period on our organizations, and at the same time maximize our income?

Obama Nominates FCC Head Julius Genachowski - Confirmation Pending

March 05, 2009

President Obama nominated net neutrality advocate Julius Genachowski as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission this week.

Public Meeting on our Communications Future on 3/12 at 6 PM

February 28, 2009

Tell us what you think at the next Future of Local Communications Public Meeting on Thursday March 12th at 6 p.m. (until  8:30 p.m.) here at Channel 17 Studios (294 North Winooski Avenue in Burlington).

Election Forums Available on Line and On TV

February 16, 2009

Channel 17/Town Meeting TV election forums can be watched this week for the municipalities of Burlington, Colchester, Essex Town, South Burlington, Williston and Winooski.  Candidate Forums, City and School Budget Presentations and Ballot Item Explanations are all avaialable for you to view online and on TV.  Check out the schedule...

All Channel 17 Content Available Online

February 16, 2009

Since Novermber of 2007 Channel 17/Town Meeting TV has been posting ALL video content to the web.  You can find any program we have produced and aired as well a many programs submitted to us by community producers and at large producers.  If it has aired on the channel, then you can find it online.


Broadband Stimulus & Community Broadband

February 13, 2009

Congress is working out the details of the federal stimulus package and the Conference Committee has posted its plan is for $2.5 billion to be disseminated in grants and loans via the USDA's Rural Utiltieies Service and 4.7 billion via an NTIA broadband TOP program (Technology Opportunities Program).

Managing in Hardtimes: New Nonprofit Primer

February 11, 2009

Find out about a new primer that provides best practices and tools for nonprofit managers in our challenging economic times.

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Stop the FCC From Gutting Public Access Television

The Federal Communications Commission is considering a new rule that will jeopardize community media organizations like Channel 17. Stop the FCC from gutting public access TV! Let them know why you think community media is important.


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