Change the World in 30 Seconds - 4th Annual PSA and Political Short Contest

July 02, 2008
Public Service Announcement and Political Short Contest brought to you by your local community access television and new media outlets. Deadline for Entry October 8, 2008. Rules and Submission Forms Here.

Public Screening of Robert Greenwald's New Series "A Brave Nation" on July 16th

July 02, 2008
Attend a special, public screening A Brave Nation the first installment of the new Robert Greenwald series on July 16th at 7pm. Known for his movie Control Room, Greenwald's new series profiles creative and interesting folks in the social, environmental and ecological justice movements.

Media Literacy Series Wraps up for the Summer

June 30, 2008

Watch the entire CCTV 2008 Media Literacy Series online! From Images of Motherhood to Summer Must See Movies, viewers gain new insights into how to read today's media structure and messages.

Winooski City Hearings on Police Chief Actions

June 30, 2008
The City of Winooski held a series of hearings to assess the actions of the City Manager in placing its Police Chief on administrative leave.

Analog to Digital Conversion Facts from the US Census

June 23, 2008
This transition to digital television in February 2009 is supposed to enable "more efficient use of the nation’s airwaves, providing new advanced wireless services and increased public safety services". It also marks a historic giveaway of public bandwidth to the private sector. Read US Census Facts.

Twitter and Flicker and Jing Oh My! Wiki Release

June 19, 2008
The wiki is here: We look at Flickr (photosharing), Twitter (micro-blogging) and Jing (screencasting)—easy to use tools that quickly link your pictures, video, blog posts and presentations to your web site and the people you want to motivate.

Channel 17 Looking for Paid Field Producers

June 17, 2008

Want to know more about local government and the workings of democracy? Audition now to be part of Channel 17/Town Meeting TV’s Field Production Team.

Candidate Obama on the State of the Media

June 16, 2008
Barack Obama and John Eggerton of Broadcasting & Cable had an exclusive email interview on media issues. In short: the media is on notice: The potential new sheriff is in town, and he believes there's plenty of cleaning up to do.

Watch the Coverage: Should Al Jazeera English Remain on Burlington Telecom?

June 12, 2008
Watch Channel 17 programs airing the variety of viewpoints on Burlington Telecom's continued carriage of Al Jazeera English on its cable TV network.

Weigh In: Al Jazeerah English Reps Appear Live on Channel 17

June 06, 2008
Three reps from Al Jazeera English appeared on Channel 17 on Tuesday, June 10th at 6pm. We'll take your calls and questions. They appeared prior to a Burlington Telecom Forum on June 11th regarding the subject of AJE appearing in its channel line up.