Social Justice

Interview with Senator Bernie Sanders at Democractic Headquarters, Election night 2008 11/04/2008

Local Matters: Outright Vermont - Queer News Update 10/31/2008

Women's Rape Crisis Center: Stop Rape Vermont 10/29/2008

"The Financial Crisis of Capitalism" - Will Miller Social Action Series Lecture 10/28/2008

Vermont Workers' Center: Human Rights Conference 10/24/2008

Vermont Workers' Center: Human Rights Hearing on Healthcare 10/23/2008

Sandy Baird Commentary: American Feminist Movement 10/22/2008

Integrated Solutions to Global Environmental Problems 10/15/2008

Love & Forgiveness Series 10/13/2008

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The Town Meeting TV production intern will work on community media projects at the request of Town Meeting TV’s production coordinator in partnership with identified community partners.


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