Social Justice

Senator Patrick Leahy: Sen. Leahy- FBI Director Robert Mueller and the Vt. Anti-Terrorism Task Force 08/07/2008

Service Nation: Sept. Day of Action 07/29/2008

Vermont Workers' Center: Universal Health Care- We Can Do It Again 07/25/2008

Laila Al-Arian - Fighting Anti-Arab Racism 07/23/2008

Burlington Mayor's Press Conference: Mayor Kiss - 2nd Annual Pride Flag Ceremony 07/09/2008

Kids on the Block VT- Schools 07/01/2008

Kids on the Block VT- Corporate 07/01/2008

A Warrior's Ride- Honoring Crazy Horse and War Vets 07/01/2008

Sandy Baird Commentary: The 4th of July 07/01/2008

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