VICII: The Second Amendment 07/28/2021

Congressman Peter Welch: Your Vote is Your Voice - The Fight for Voting Rights 07/21/2021

The People's Law School: Understanding Your First Amendment Rights 07/21/2021

Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: Sketching Burgoyne’s Campaign 07/18/2021

What's Going On?: Science? 07/12/2021

Service Rendered: Straight Talk with Dr. Jayne Morgan 07/08/2021

Vermont Law School - Hot Topics Series: From Ginsburg to Barrett - How 2020 Transformed Environmental Battles at the Supreme Court 07/01/2021

Congressman Peter Welch: Railyard Enterprise Project Press Conference 06/28/2021

Fight the Filibuster Rally 06/26/2021

Vermont Law School - Hot Topics Series: Baltimore vs Big Oil - Cities Sue to Recover Damages for Climate Disruption 06/24/2021

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