Protest Trump’s Police State at ICE and Homeland Security 08/29/2020

Nuclear Free Future: The Hazards of High-Level Nuclear Waste at Vermont Yankee 08/27/2020

The Black Perspective March in Burlington 08/24/2020

What's Going On?: Nuclear bombs - Lessons Learned? 08/07/2020

Service Rendered: Straight Talk with Tabitha 08/06/2020

VICII: The Erasure of History - Statue Toppling in the New World Order 08/03/2020

What's Going On?: Crisis Times Two - COVID and BLM Crackdown 07/27/2020

March & Rally Against Actions of the Department of Homeland Security in Portland, Oregon 07/24/2020

Nuclear Free Future: 75 Years of Nuclear Fallout - From Hiroshima to Now Part 2 07/17/2020

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Town Meeting Day 2021 Forums Begin January 14th

To help voters better understand the people and questions on their local ballots, Town Meeting TV (formerly known as Channel 17) will present a series of candidate forums, budget presentations, and other election-related programs beginning Thursday, January 14th.


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