The Social Exchange: Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy In Vermont? 02/28/2020

Education and Enrichment for Everyone: Live from the Border of Mexico 02/28/2020

Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce: Champlain Valley League of Women Voters Public Meeting with Jim Douglas 02/23/2020

Education and Enrichment for Everyone: Impeachment - What It Was, What It Is, and What It Is Not 02/14/2020

Tulsi Gabbard at the Lebanon Town Hall 02/07/2020

Service Rendered: Arts So Wonderful - Where in the World is Free Little Poetry 02/06/2020

Sandy Baird Commentary: What's Up with the Dems? 01/31/2020

Nuclear Free Future: Poisoning the Well 01/30/2020

Michael Bloomberg 2020 - Vermont Organizing Kick-Off 01/27/2020

Our Democracy - Episode 3: How Are We Doing, Next Steps? 01/24/2020

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