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Aden Haji leads discussions with community members, speakers, local citizens and musicians.

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Format: 2021-01-27
Format: 2021-01-27
Interview with A2VT Members - 04/26/2019
Host Aden Haji interviews four members of A2VT, a local artist group: Jilib, MG Man, Meax, and Fantome J.
Importance of Leadership Panel - 02/01/2019
Host Aden Haji speaks with Ahmed Noor, UVM Computer Science and Information Major, Rabin Dahal, O.N.E. Youth Center Director and Spectrum MYP Outreach Worker, Omar Bulle, and Sharif Muse about the importance of leadership.
Mohamed Jafar - 01/31/2019
Host Aden Haji chats with Mohamed Jafar, candidate for Burlington City Council South District.
Finding Oneself in the World of Music - 01/18/2019
Host Aden Haji is joined by three local artists, Fantome J, multi-lingual rapper Swagga Millionea aka Mpaka Poda Badibanga, and TB Joshua Junior.
Interview with Spectrum Multicultural Youth Program Representatives - 01/11/2019
Host Aden Haji interviews representatives from the Multicultural Youth Program at Spectrum Youth and Family Services. Daimeyon Williams is the Multicultural Youth Program Manager and Faith Isham is an Americorps member.
Diversity in Music - Meax - 01/10/2019
Host Aden Haji interviews Benny Ndywayo, aka Meax. Meax is an up and coming Burlington artist as well as a UVM English major with a minor in Dance.
Importance of Connections - 08/20/2018
UVM anthropology major and host Aden Haji speaks about the importance of interpersonal connections. He shares the video "I Am The World."
The Importance of Self Care - 08/09/2018
Aden Haji interviews Keyana Smith, a St. Michael's student studying literature and religion, about the importance of self-care. Typically we live in a world where everything is about working and following the American dream. We often forget to...
Importance of Mentorship - 07/26/2018
Aden Haji interviews Yusuf Abdi and Mukhtar Shikh about the importance of mentoring youth.

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