Mugs Up! With Annie Cooper



Created during the Covid19 shutdown by community leader, Annie Cooper to highlight the bright lights of local community initiatives and neighbors.

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Format: 2022-01-17
Format: 2022-01-17
Chittenden County Mask Army - 04/20/2020
Today's guests are the Chittenden Mask Army: Sachi Hergesheimer, Nikki Mayhue, Barb Greck, Patty Croce, Chris Kimler Miller, Kathy Deemer, Annie Cooper and many more who usually attend our daily meetings but didn't happen to be at today'...
Ethan of Owl's Head Blueberry Farm - 04/18/2020
Today's guest is Ethan of Owl's Head and he is the first of Annie's youth guests on Mug's Up Morning Show.
David Holton of Essex Agency - 04/17/2020
Today's guest is David Holton. David Holton owns Essex Agency, a local insurance agency.
Saskia Kirby of Kirby Swim School, Australia - 04/17/2020
Today's guest is Saskia Kirby of the Kirby Swim School. Kirby Swim - Passionate about swimming! Saskia and her husband, Bill Kirby, run several swim schools in Australia. Saskia and I have been Facebook friends for several years now but have...
Dennis Bruso of East Coast Printers - 04/16/2020
Today's guest is Dennis Bruso. Dennis Bruso owns East Coast Printers on Park Street in Essex Junction, Vermont. Dennis and I discuss how we met, the donations East Coast Printers have provided to our community, and a surprise visit by Dennis...
Sheila Porter - Childcare Specialist - 04/15/2020
Today's is guest Sheila Porter. Sheila is a local Essex Junction celebrity whose fame runs deep amongst the younger crowd and their parents. Sheila is an extraordinary community member and she makes Essex Junction a better place, every single...
Keira Cameron - 04/14/2020
Today's guest is Keira Cameron. Keira is an Essex High School and University of Vermont graduate who has been in Guinea with the United States Peace Corps for two years. Keira talks about having to leave her host village in only 24 hours, due to...
Laura Matuszak - Green Mountain Aquatics - 04/13/2020
Today's guest is Laura Matuszak of Green Mountain Aquatics. We discuss our passion for aquatics and our love of community. For more information:
Liz Subin - Heart and Soul of Essex - 04/12/2020
Today's guest, Liz Subin of Heart & Soul of Essex, speaks to the grants being made available for Essex and Westford residents impacted by COVID-19 and to the donations from the entire community that are helping make the grants possible. For...