VICII: The Death Penalty

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The proof of a totalitarian regime is its commitment to the death penalty. If the police power of the State is unwavering in its loyalty to the right to execute human beings that state has assumed absolute control over the most important decision that faces any people - who lives and who dies.
Almost alone among its friends and allies, The United States of America retains the right to execute men and women without mercy. As well as being disproportionately used against Black people, People of Color, and almost universally against poor people, the continued loyalty to this "cruel and unusual practice" (US Constitution) raises the question, Is our nation a limited government under a rule of law or a God-like judge without limits in the power over life and death?
Justine grew up in the upstate New York area and quickly saw how substance abuse was criminalized. This inspired her to pursue a legal career with the specific goal of helping those with substance abuse disorders. She now works as a criminal defense attorney that is passionate about criminal justice reform issues, specifically  substance abuse issues, abolishing the death penalty, sentencing reform, and prison reform.
Amanda, is a Legal Assistant with the Public Defenders Office in Florida. She grew up in Florida and has seen first hand how policing affects poor communities and communities of color. She is passionate about criminal justice reform specifically in the areas of abolishing the death penalty, police reform, and racial justice. With Justine, she is the co-host and co-founder of the Gin & Justice Podcast.

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