Vermont Legal Aid - Housing Discrimination (Arabic) 05/17/2021

Ethan Allen Homestead Enrichment Program: Preachers Behaving Badly: Religious Scandal in Early Vermont 05/16/2021

The Science of EFFECTIVE Prevention: Insights from a Former Cannabis Grower 05/14/2021

Standing Trees Vermont: Grassroots Resistance to Industrial Logging on Public Lands 05/13/2021

Addiction Recovery Channel: A Talk With Barbara Rabtoy - Her Recovery and Experience in a Recovery Friendly Workplace 05/13/2021

Burlington City Arts: Diane Gabriel Awards Ceremony 05/13/2021

VICII: The Supreme Court - Packing/Expansion? 05/13/2021

Addiction Recovery Channel: Recovery Friendly Workplaces and Their Profound Impact - Improving the Lives of Individuals Through Employment 05/13/2021

In the World of Winooski: Winooski's Achievements Over the Past 4 Years with City Manager Jessie Baker 05/13/2021

Good Mental Health: Each of Us Lives in Our Own Reality 05/12/2021

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WORK OPPORTUNITY: Town Meeting TV Field Producer

Town Meeting TV is hiring one part-time Field Producer to cover Chittenden County municipal meetings and public events to air on its government access TV channels, YouTube channel, and website (www.Ch17.TV). Meetings typically take place during evening hours with some weekend event coverage. Complete Job Description is available upon request.


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