Joan Watson-Stu McGowan Wedding 06/07/1986

Richard Snelling Charges Opponent Sen. Leahy as 'Big Spender' 06/04/1986

Statewide Nuclear Weapons Freeze Press Conference 05/29/1986

Snelling for U.S. Senate Campaign Opening Event, With Senators Robert Dole and Jim Jeffords 05/17/1986

Media Makers: #19- Stewart Ledbetter, Bureau Chief, WPTZ-TV 05/13/1986

Richard Snelling Addresses Middlebury Young Republicans 05/08/1986

Chocolate and Jazz Festival - Vermont Woman of the Year 05/08/1986

WCAX Series About Vermont's Delegation in Washington D.C. 05/01/1986

WCAX-TV Story about Deep Dish Satellite TV Network 04/16/1986

Republican U.S. Senate Candidate Anthony Doria Press Conference about Nicaragua and Contra Aid. (Partial) 03/17/1986

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