O.W.L. Presents a Celebration of Ordinary Women, with Esther Cohen 10/19/1985

"Sad Irons" Music Video, About Old Rusting Tools and Machines Outdoors 10/18/1985

Richard Snelling Announces Bid for U.S. Senate 10/17/1985

Public Service Board Public Hearing on Northgate Electric Rates 10/16/1985

Vermont School Voucher Conference- Effects on the Educational System 10/12/1985

Vermont Youth Orchestra Performance 10/06/1985

Roz Payne's F.B.I. Readings Skit 10/03/1985

Governor Madeleine Kunin: Gov. Kunin's Hunger Task Force - Individual Testimonials 09/27/1985

Vt. Dept. of Mental Health Receives Grant for Disturbed Children 09/26/1985

Inti-Illimani, Exiled Chilean Folk Ensemble, Performs in Montpelier - Song 2 09/21/1985

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