Hurricane Gloria in Battery Park 09/27/1985

Governor Madeleine Kunin: Gov. Kunin's Hunger Task Force - Individual Testimonials 09/27/1985

Vt. Dept. of Mental Health Receives Grant for Disturbed Children 09/26/1985

Puerto Cabezas Sister City Press Conference Emphasizing Need for Material Aid 09/25/1985

WVNY Public Access TV News Story, with Nat Ayer and Lori Murphy 09/24/1985

Interview with Pat Peterson, Assistant to Mayor Sanders 09/24/1985

NAT ON CH. 5 PORTEOUS' NEWS 09/23/1985

Groundbreaking for Howard Mental Health Addition 09/23/1985

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony- Opening of Porteous Department Store 09/23/1985

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