Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Sanders Press Conference After Waterfront Bond Defeat/Tax Issues 12/11/1985

Tapes of Wrath - Politrical and Media Satire 12/10/1985

Media Makers: #3- Mike Jacobs and Maureen Connolly, Citizens for America 12/09/1985

BCLT Interviews #4 - Larry Deshaw, Jim Hokans, BYEP Youth Workers and Various Work Video 12/07/1985

UVM Trustees Vote to Divest from South Africa 12/06/1985

Citizens for America Press Conference, with Guest John Burns - Divesting from South Africa 12/06/1985

Tri-Partisan Press Conference in Support of the Alden Waterfront Plan 12/05/1985

Photo Journalist Dith Pran (The Killing Fields) Press Conference 12/04/1985

Shots of Burlington City Hall Employees Chuck Lavigne and Roger Pepin 12/04/1985

Mayor's Arts Council Appreciation Awards 12/04/1985

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Town Meeting TV Primary 2020 Election Coverage Kick Off

This election season is looking pretty different isn’t it? One great thing is that more and more people are showing interest and investment in the political process and it is likely we will see some large turnout at the ‘polls’ this August 11 and November 3 - even if the polls are voting by mail!


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