More Senators Issue Letters of Opposition on Proposed FCC Rules of Cable Franchising

July 30, 2019
More Senators Issue Letters of Opposition on Proposed Rules of Cable Franchising Late last week Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) issued a letter opposing the FCC’s proposed rules on cable franchising because of the costs that will shift to local governments that rely on Institutional Networks. And this week, the ENTIRE NYC delegation wrote the FCC in opposition to the rules for their effects on PEG in their communities. That makes 17 US Senators and 41 Representatives opposed to the rules that are set to be voted on Thursday. We expect that one or two more letters will come from Congress still this week. ACM thanks every member of Congress who has voiced opposition or concern about the rules. The FCC meeting will be streamed live on Thursday, August 1st, starting at 10:30 am ET. You can watch the stream at We will be coordinating a roundtable discussion about the rule and other efforts to overturn local authority and silence community voices at DCTV in Washington on Thursday from 3:00 - 5:00 pm ET. We will be recording the discussion for your use and will update you as soon as the URL is available for a livestream. ' If you want to join us on the call or if you want a sample press release about the order, contact Mike Wassenaar President & CEO The Alliance for Community Media

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The proposed rules would allow cable companies to assign market values to these benefits and then charge the amount back to local communities in most cases. Benefits include items like free cable subscriptions to schools, discounts for the elderly, and fiber connectivity to local government buildings like police departments, fire stations, and libraries.


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