Channel 17 Programming. What It Is and How You Can Get Involved.

September 09, 2015
Alongside recording government meetings for Burlington, Essex, Essex Junction, Winooski, Williston and South Burlington, Channel 17/Town meeting TV supports community producers to record community meetings, community lectures, events and public service announcements. 
We provide free  training on field equipment and studio support for community members to create their own programming. Some great examples of shows produced by community volunteers include,
Community producer programming is integral to the health and vitality of our channel. It keeps viewers engaged and reaches out to wider segments of the population who can then see the connection between these community events and local government in their lives. The continuum from demonstration to local lecture, from NPA to Selectboard meeting is the fabric that weaves our civic life. The mission of Channel 17/Town Meeting TV is "to open the doors to local democracy." Sometimes the first door in local democracy is participation in local community life.
How can you, as a supporter and board member help? 
Attend a training. Learn how to use community equipment and our studio to share your community stories and events.
Spread the word. When you read about a local speakers series or know about a meeting that could be video recorded, let the organizers know about Channel 17 and community TV. VT has 23 local access centers around the state, if they don't come to, they can find another location nearer to them.
Reach Out. If you want to see an event recorded, ask the event organizer to get in touch or ask us directly if it can be added to out field production schedule.
Programs on Channel 17:
  1. The Channel 17 Trustees determine the scope of local community meeting coverage.
  2. We identify events in the community that fit Channel 17 trustees programming guidelines.
  3. The public requests we cover events that fit into the Trustees' programming guidelines. We answer these on a first-come first-served basis.
  4. A member of the public uses our studio to create a program.
  5. A member of the community uses our public equipment to create a program.
  6. We share programs from the Vermont Media Exchange, a network of 23 access centers from around VT, with Channel 17 viewers.