Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday Celebrations: Dr. Julianne Malveaux 01/25/2009

Burlington City Department Update: Burlington Police Chief Michael Schirling 01/20/2009

Burlington Community Policing Reassessment Meeting 01/19/2009

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 01/15/2009

Sandy Baird Commentary: Financial Crisis 12/30/2008

Communications Security Series: Local Communications Security Meeting - Free Speech in 2034 12/18/2008

Williston Info Mtg.- Environmental Impact of N. Country Sportsman’s Club 12/18/2008

Community Policing Re-Assessment Project Kickoff 12/10/2008

Senator Patrick Leahy: Leahy: US Senate Judiciary Cmte.- Rural Drug Crime 12/05/2008

Sandy Baird Commentary: Pledge of Allegiance 12/03/2008

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