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Winooski officials and community members share insights into the events and issues happening in the City of Winooski. For more information on what's happening "in the world of Winooski" visit

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Format: 2020-12-05
Format: 2020-12-05
Public Works Update - 11/26/2019
Guest-host and Winooski City Councilor Jim Duncan is joined by Ryan Lambert, City Engineer, to recap work completed in the City this season including the pool, big road repairs and more. For more information:
Keeping Our Community Healthy with the Winooski Partnership for Prevention - 10/22/2019
Winooski Mayor Kristine Lott and Kate Nugent, Executive Director of the Winooski Partnership for Prevention, look at the impacts of youth substance abuse and how our community can support prevention. For more information:
Exit 16 and East Allen Street Projects - 09/24/2019
VTRANS and CCRPC staff present plans in the works for changes to the I-89 Exit 16 in Colchester and to East Allen Street in Winooski. Michael LaCroix, of the Vermont Agency of Transportation, presents on Diverging Diamond Interchange Exit 16 in...
Halloween Promo - 09/24/2019
Mayor Kristine Lot tells us what is in store for Halloween in Winooski, including opportunities to help set up and get ready. For more information:
What's New with Downtown Winooski? - 08/27/2019
Meet Downtown Winooski's new Executive Director, Meredith Bay-Tyack, and learn what's coming up. For more information:
Winooski Equity Dialogue - 06/25/2019
Mayor Kristine Lott is joined by Susan McCormack and Kesha Ram of Creative Discourse, and Abeer Alzubaidy, from the Winooski School District to discuss equity in Winooski. For more information:
Burlington International Airport Noise Compatibility Program - 05/28/2019
Mayor Kristine Lott is joined by Nic Longo, Deputy Director of Aviation Administration at the Burlington International Airport, and Diane Carter, from The Jones Payne Group, to discuss the airport's Noise Compatibility Program. For more...
May Events in Winooski - 04/23/2019
Mayor Kristine Lott is joined by several guests who describe important events coming up this month in Winooski, including a special election for the school's bond vote, Arbor Day, Green Up Day, and other community services. This week's...
Winooski School District's Capital Project Overview - 03/26/2019
Mayor Kristine Lott is joined by Mike Decarreau, School Board Chair, and Alex Yin, School Board Member, to discuss the Winooski School District's Capital Project Overview. For more information: or Follow on Facebook...
Ballot Items and Goodbye - 01/22/2019
Mayor Seth Leonard hosts one last In the World of Winooski to go over the ballot items for Town Meeting Day and to share his parting words as mayor. To read more about the Winooski Master Plan, please visit: For more...
The Winooski Master Plan - 11/27/2018
Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard sits down with Eric Vorwald, City of Winooski Planning and Zoning Manager, and Regina Mahony, Planning Program Manager at the CCRPC, to discuss the Winooski Master Plan. To read more about the Winooski Master Plan, please...
All-Resident Voting and Capital Projects - 09/25/2018
Mayor Seth Leonard talks about All-Resident Voting and gives updates on the Main Street and Pool projects. For more information: or Follow on Facebook | |
The Winooski Pool - 07/24/2018
City Councilor Eric Covey presents more information on the Winooski Pool and reminds viewers about the upcoming primary election on August 14th. For more information: or Follow on Facebook | |...
The Myers Pool, Housing Commission, and Master Plan Schedule - 06/26/2018
Winooski Mayor Seth Leonard gives updates on the Myers Memorial Pool, work from the Housing Commission, and the schedule for the Master Plan. For more information: or Follow on Facebook | |...
Summer Public Works and Streets Work Plan - 05/22/2018
Mayor Seth Leonard is joined by Jon Rauscher, City of Winooski Public Works Director, to discuss the Winooski Summer Public Works and Streets Work Plan. For more information: or Follow on Facebook |

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