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A series of programs produced by Margaret Harrington and Tessa Tallagnon on community work and life in Burlington, VT and the surrounding area.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-12-05
Format: 2020-12-05
The Workers' Center - 06/26/2017
"A Visit With" meets Kate Kanelstein, director of the Vermont Workers' Center, to talk about workers' rights and unions, and to give a tour of the center and what it provides to members. Special appearance by Workers' Center...
Susan Hartman at the Pride Center Vermont - 06/16/2017
An introductory conversation with Susan Hartman, director of the Pride Center of Vermont, formerly RU12. Susan discusses the upcoming Fun Run event, and the Vermont Pride March. Filmed and edited by Margaret Harrington and Tessa Tallagnon. For more...
Rights & Democracy Summer Kickoff - 06/16/2017
"A Visit With" has an evening with Rights & Democracy (RAD) for their summer launch party. Includes interviews with attendees and organizers to discuss the mission statement and values of RAD. Live music by Leatherbound Books. Filmed...

Featured Story

Vermont Legislature Commissions Study to Look at New Ways to Fund Community Media

Cable cord cutting and the changing media landscape is having an impact on Town Meeting TV and our fellow community media centers across the state and nation. Vermont advocates are working hard to ensure the long term funding of public, educational and government (PEG) access. There is great news to share...


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