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Rights and Democracy's mission is to bring people together to take action to build healthy communities and make the values of our communities guide the policies of our government. We are building a popular movement to advance rights and build a real democracy. We work in partnership with community groups, progressive unions, faith communities, organizations fighting for human and civil rights, and environmental and climate action groups. More information: www.radvt.org

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-03-02
Format: 2021-03-02
Raise Up Vermont Campaign - 03/25/2016
Rights & Democracy's monthly live TV show is about the new campaign 'Raise Up Vermont', which is geared to raise the minimum wage to a livable wage and improve workers’ rights standards. It includes a video report from a March...
Jobs, Justice and Climate - 02/26/2016
Rights and Democracy members Traven Leyshon and Matthew Burke are joined via skype by Aly Johnson Kurts in a discussion on the issues of Jobs, Justice & Climate. Rights and Democracy shares perspectives leading to a vision for a state in which...