Nuclear Free Future



Margaret Harrington hosts this discussion with nuclear arms and energy activists.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-02-17
Format: 2020-02-17
Fairewinds Shining the Light on Fukishima - 02/02/2012
Host Margaret Harrington speaks with Maggie and Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Associates, whose main focus is to educate on the truth of nuclear power.
Retiring Vermont Yankee on Schedule - Building a Clean Energy Legacy - 12/02/2011
Host Margaret Harrington speaks with Ben Walsh of VPIRG, on of closing Vermont Yankee and the work towards making Vermont's energy future local and sustainable.
Inspiration from India: Vaishali Patil, Challenging the World's Largest Nuclear Power Plant - 09/27/2011
Host Margaret Harrington speaks with Environmental and Human rights Activist Vaishali Patil on the efforts and challenges of stopping the construction of the world's largest nuclear power plant, Jaitapur Nuclear Power Plant, in India. Patil is a...
Legislative Decision Making about Entergy/Vermont Yankee - Entergy/Vermont Yankee vs. the State of Vermont - 09/20/2011
Host Margaret Harrington speaks with State Senator 'Ginny' Lyons on the court case and Legislative efforts at retiring Vermont Yankee.  More information on efforts to shut down Vermont Yankee.
Law and Dis-Order in Vermont - 08/02/2011
Host Margaret Harrington speaks with James Marc Leas, Patent Lawyer, former staff physicist with the Union of Concerned Scientists and recent author of a recent VT Digger article, 'Entergy's Money v. the People of Vermont' about the...
Art and Nuclear Madness - 06/30/2011
Host Margaret Harrington speaks with Liza Cowan, painter, photographer, activist with NO LOCKHEED, Burlington, Vermont
Hazards of Vermont Yankee and the Japanese Nuclear Disaster - 03/23/2011
Host Margaret Harrington speaks with James Moore, Clean Energy Program Director with VPIRG (Vermont Public Interest Research Group), on the Japanese nuclear disaster and Vermont Yankee.
Nuclear Weapons Abolition - 05/10/2010
Joseph Gainza, of Vermont Action for Peace, and Jim Geier, longtime nuclear weapons abolition advocate discuss the history and ongoing efforts towards Vermonter's elimination of nuclear weapons. 
Impact of the Tritium Leak on Decommissioning VT Yankee - 04/26/2010
Host Margaret Harrington is joined by Representative Rachel Weston and Maggie Gundersen to discuss the impact of the Tritium leak on decommissioning VT Yankee.
How Much Does Vermont Yankee Cost Vermonters - 03/22/2010
Host Margaret Harrington is joined by Representative Suzi Wizowaty and Maggie Gundersen to discuss the financial and other costs associate with Vermont Yankee.
Entergy - Vermont Yankee's Tritium Leak:The Dangers of Deception - 02/22/2010
Host Margaret Harrington is joined by Representative Suzi Wizowaty, Senator Ginny Lyons, and Ellen Thomas a leader in the 'Proposition One in 2010 Campaign, The Economic Conversion Act'.  - http://propositiononein2010.blogspot....
Hazards of the Entergy Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant - 01/18/2010
Host Margaret Harrington with local activists Rep. Suzi Wizowaty, Maggie Gundersen.
Inside the Fence with the SHUT IT DOWN Affinity Group - 12/08/2009
Margaret Harrington, hosts 5 Massachusetts women arrested for breaching security at the Entergy, Vermont Yankee Nuclear power plant in Vernon, Vermont on their motivation for the action and safety concerns beyond the Vermont border.  Paki...
Nuclear Energy: Not Clean, Not Cheap - 11/10/2009
Host Margaret Harrington, Maggie  Gundersen and Representative Suzi Wizowaty discuss the Nuclear Energy and Weapons issue.
Keep Space for Peace - 10/06/2009
Host Margaret Harrington with local activist Maggie Gundersen speak with Rep. Suzi Wizowaty, Chitt. 3-5, and American Friends Service Committee Director, Joeseph Gainza to the nuclear power and weapons industries.