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Channel 17 offers Live at 5.25PM as an opportunity for community members and public officials to discuss issues of local concern. Many of the Live programs have regular series titles. This series includes not regularly scheduled live show programming. To appear in this time slot contact Rob Reiber at

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-01-27
Format: 2021-01-27
Unshackling America: How the War of 1812 Truly Ended the American Revolution - 05/16/2017
Historian and author Willard Sterne Randall discusses his new book "Unshackling America: How the War of 1812 Truly Ended the American Revolution." Unshackling America challenges the persistent fallacy that Americans fought two separate...
Mobius Mentoring - 06/30/2015
The benefits of Mobius Mentoring is discussed by Chad Butt, Executive Director, and Francine Bahati, a recent high school graduate and former mentee through the DREAM Program, and Laura Burnham, UVM student/summer intern with DREAM.  http://www...
Long Trail Reflections and Summer Hiking - 05/27/2014
Channel 17 volunteer Eric Kaza talks about the Long Trail, summer hiking, and his upcoming trip to the Western United States.
The Future of CCTA - 04/30/2014
Host Shelagh Cooley speaks with Chuck Norris-Brown, Retired CCTA Driver, on business management alternatives relative to the recent CCTA Bus Driver's strike.
BED's Power Supply Projects - 03/26/2014
Host Ken Nolan, Manager of Power Resources at Burlington Electric Department, speaks with Chris Burns, director of Energy Services at BED, and Chad Farrell, Principal at Encore Redevelopment to discuss the Futrue of Electric Supply in Burlington,...
Vermont Community Garden Network - 01/29/2014
Executive Director Jessica Hyman is joined by others to share opportuinties for gardening in Burlington and statewide.
Long Trail Reflections and Winter Hiking - 01/28/2014
Channel 17's Mike Cohen and Eric Kaza talk about winter hiking.
Jonathan McCandless - Current Events Conversation - 01/09/2014
Long time Channel 17 volunteer Jonathan McCandless, speaks to issues of the day.
2013 Holiday Party - 12/12/2013
Join in the festivities on t.v. online, or in person at our studio.
Stop the F-35 - Next Steps? - 12/06/2013
Paul Fleckenstein, a member of the Stop the F-35 Coalition, shares reactions and steps the coalition plans after this week's announcement by the Air Force of deploying 18 F-35A Fighter jets to Burlington by 2020.
Vermont 2-1-1 - 10/30/2013
Host Donna Jacobs speaks with MaryEllen Mendl, Director and Carmel Quinn, Program and Resource Manager with Vermont 2-1-1 (Get Connected, Get Answers) part of the United Ways of Vermont. Vermont 2-1-1 is the number you dial to find out about...
Federal Shutdown - Impact on Vermont Housing - 10/02/2013
 Erhard Mahnke of the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition is joined by Ted Wimpey, Chair of the Vermont Affordable Housing Coalition and Director of CVOEO's Fair Housing Project to discuss the impacts of the Federal Sequester on housing...
Hack the Stacks - 09/30/2013
Burlington Vermont has been selected for the Code for America Brigade. The group will build civic apps and open data projects for community purposes. As part of the national network Code for BTV will collaborate with local governments to use...
Friends of UVM Baseball - 09/09/2013
Host Don MacDonald provides an update on the efforts of the UVM community to bring back baseball to the University of Vermont.  More information at:
Lowering Our Carbon Footprint - 07/31/2013
Mary Sullivan, Communications Coordinator for the Burlington Electric Department, and Jennifer Green, Legacy Project and Sustainability Coordinator with Burlington CEDO, speak with Richard Watts from UVM challenges of Vermont's 'Carbon...

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