CCTV Media Conference 1985



CCTV Media Conference 1985

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Format: 2020-07-12
Format: 2020-07-12
Media Workshop - Prime Time Television - 10/26/1985
Back to Basics - Discussion about Prime Time Television
Media Workshop - Opening Panel and Lunch Scenes - 10/26/1985
CCTV's Media Conf. -  Opening Panel
Media Workshop - U.S. / Canada - 10/26/1985
CCTV's Media Conf. -  U.S. / Canada
Media Workshop. - What Do Children Learn from Television? - 10/26/1985
CCTV's Media Conf. -  What Do Children Learn from Television?  Aired in 2011 as a CCTV Rewind showing.
Media Workshop. - Beyond the Documentary - 10/26/1985
CCTV's Media Conf. -  Beyond the Documentary
Media Workshop. - Long Distance - 10/26/1985
CCTV's Media Conf. -  Long Distance
MediaWorkshop - Teaching Video In the Classroom - 10/26/1985
CCTV's Media Conf. -  Teaching Video In the Classroom
Media Workshop - Funding Panel - 10/26/1985
CCTV's Media Conf. -  Funding Panel
Media Workshop. - Public Access Partnership - 10/26/1985
CCTV's Media Conf. -  Public Access Partnership.  Cut off.
Opening Public Forum - "Does the Media Lie?" - 10/25/1985
Mayor Bernie Sanders, Rep. Jim Jeffords and Brian Burns interview members of the Vermont Press Corps (Peter Freyne/ Vangard Press; Nick Monserat/ Rutland Herald; Tom Farmer/ WCAX TV; Don Melvin/Burlington Free Press) in this 1985 forum moderated by...

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