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Mayor Miro Weinberger hosts a monthly call-in program to hear from citizens and provide updates on city projects and social issues.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-07-05
Format: 2020-07-05
Partnership for Change - 03/27/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Benjamin Roesch, BHS English Teacher and Youth Engagement and Leadership Fellow of the Partnership for Change - Emma Galvin, BHS Senior Class Student Government Representative and Co-Chair of the Youth...
Burlington International Airport - 02/27/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Interim Director of Aviation Gene Richards and Heather Kendrew, Director of Maintenance/Engineering/Environment.
Waterfront and Downtown Public Investment Action Plan - 01/23/2013
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Peter Owens, CEDO Director, and Nate Wildfire, CEDO's new Assistant Director of Economic Development, to discuss the recent announcement of the Waterfront and Downtown Public Investment Action Team.
Burlington Lead-Abatement Program - 11/28/2012
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Brian Pine, Assistant Director for Housing with CEDO, Ita Meno, Burlington Code Enforcement Officer, and Jeff Tanguay, Program Coordinator for the Burlington Lead Program, on the continued success and need for...
Burlington Ballot Items - 10/24/2012
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with City Council President Joan Shannon and John Ewing, Chair of Partnership for Burlington's Future, on the Burlington Ballot Items. More information at: http://www.facebook.com/PartnershipForBurlingtonsFuture
Penny for Parks - 08/22/2012
Mike Kanarick, Burlngton Mayor's Assistant, hosts Nancy Kaplan, Burlington Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Deryk Roach, Superintendent of Parks, and Jen Francis, Parks Planner, for a discussion on 'Penny for Parks'.
FY 2013 Budget - 06/27/2012
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger speaks with Paul Sisson, Interim Chief Administrative Officer and City Council Preszident Joan Shannon on the FY '13 Budget and process in reaching it..
Celebrate Burlington Awards Winners and Nominees - 04/25/2012
Host Mayor Miro Weinberger talks with Celebrate Burlington Awards winners and nomimees. Jeetan Khadka – co-winner of Bloomenthal Award, Tim Jarvis – nominee for Bloomenthal Award, Caryl Stewart – winner of Clavelle Award...
Bob Kiss Retrospective - 03/28/2012
Host Lauren-Glenn Davitian speaks with Mayor's Assistant Joe Reinart and Mayor Bob Kiss on his 6 years as Mayor of the Queen City.
Burlington 2012 Ballot items - 02/22/2012
Host Mayor Bob Kiss and CEDO Director Larry Kupferman go through the 5 Burlington Ballot items for 2012 Town Meeting.
Burlington Parks and Recreation Department - 01/25/2012
Joe Reinert, Assistant to the Mayor hosts Deryk Roach, Gabe Diaz and Dan Cahill from the Burlington Parks and Recreation Department, on the various events and offerings of the department this winter.
Burlington City Arborist, Warren Spinner - 10/26/2011
Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss hosts this call in show. Tonight his guest is Warren Spinner, Burlington City Arborist.
Bill Ward, Director of Burlington Code Enforcement - 09/28/2011
Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss hosts this call in show, speaking with Director of Burlington Code Enforcement, Bill Ward.
Burlington School District - 08/24/2011
Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss hosts this call in show. Tonight his guest are Jeanne Collins, Superintendent of Burlington Schools and Terry Bailey, Assistant Superintendent.
Downtown and Waterfront Planning - 07/27/2011
Burlington Mayor Bob Kiss hosts this call in show. He is joined by David E. White, Director of Burlington Planning and Zoning Office to discuss downtown and waterfront planning efforts.

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This election season is looking pretty different isn’t it? One great thing is that more and more people are showing interest and investment in the political process and it is likely we will see some large turnout at the ‘polls’ this August 11 and November 3 - even if the polls are voting by mail!


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