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Burlington City Councilors offer insights and take comments on the workings of local city government.

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Format: 2018-03-23
Format: 2018-03-23
City Hall Park Renovation - 03/14/2018
Cindy Wight, Director of Burlington Parks, Recreation, & Waterfront, joins Joan Shannon, South District City Councilor, and Chip Mason, Ward 5 City Councilor, to address the recent discussions involving the renovation of...
What's New in Burlington? - 01/10/2018
Ward 5 City Councilor Chip Mason and Ward 6 City Councilor Karen Paul discuss what's new in Burlington.
Public Safety and Housing - 12/13/2017
State Representative from the New North End Jean O'Sullivan and Ward 8 Burlington City Councilor Adam Roof discuss issues for the city and state around housing and public welfare and the relationship between both legislative entities.
What's Next for Burlington Telecom - 11/08/2017
Attorney Ed Adrian moderates a discussion with City Councilors Joan Shannon of the South District and Richard Deane of the East District about the sale of Burlington Telecom by the City of Burlington, Vermont.
Burlington Telecom and Other City Issues - 10/11/2017
Burlington City Councilors Adam Roof, Ward 8, and Chip Mason, Ward 5, discuss the history of Burlington Telecom and their thoughts on the impending sale.
City Councilor Joan Shannon - 09/13/2017
Planning and Zoning Commissioner Megan Lee joins Burlington City Councilor Joan Shannon to discuss City of Burlington, Vermont affairs.
University and City Relations and Projects - 08/09/2017
Andrew Champagne, Assistant Treasurer, Burlington Democrats, introduces the program with general announcements and then turns it over to Adam Roof, (D) City Councilor for Burlington's Ward 8, and Joe Speidel, from UVM's Office of Student and...
Councilors Adam Roof and Richard Deane Discuss Burlington Telecom and Other Issues - 07/12/2017
Adam Roof, City Councilor (I-Ward 8), speaks with Richard Deane, City Councilor (D-East District), about the history and future of Burlington Telecom and its upcoming sale, the Burlington budget and taxes, the Community Development and Neighborhood...
Greater Burlington YMCA - 06/14/2017
Adam Roof, City Councilor of Ward 8, speaks with Kyle Dodson, EdD, CEO/President, Greater Burlington YMCA, about the new YMCA project, the education and services it provides, and general city wide and neighborhood issues. For more information: ...
Everything Old is New Again - 05/10/2017
Judy Stephany Ahearn, Former State Senator and State Representative, D-Burlington, discusses issues in the Vermont Legislature including education and Lake Champlain.
Local Politics and Community in the City - 04/12/2017
Andrew Champagne, Assistant Treasurer, Burlington Democrats, discusses community politics and issues an invitation for others to become involved.
Ward 5 City Councilor Chip Mason - 03/08/2017
Burlington's Ward 5 City Councilor Chip Mason gives a post Town Meeting day update on the Burlington Democrats position on city issues and local politics.
Burlington Democrats - 01/11/2017
Host Kesha Ram, former State Representative, speaks with Matt Birong, small business owner of Three Squares Cafe in Vergennes and DNC delegate for Bernine Sanders alongside Christina Amestoy, Communications Director for the VT Democratic Party.
Burlington Democrats - 12/14/2016
Join hosts Judith Stephany and City Councilor Joan Shannon to see what Burlington Democrats think re: current events.
Burlington Democrats - 11/09/2016
Judith Stephany and City Councilor Joan Shannon co-host.