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Burlington City Councilors offer insights and take comments on the workings of local city government.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-08-07
Format: 2020-08-07
Burlington and Beyond - 03/11/2020
Andrew Champagne of the Democratic State Committee in Burlington gives an update for the Democratic party in Burlington and around the nation.
Local and State Issues - 01/08/2020
Host Andrew Champagne is joined by Christopher Di Mezzo, Director of Communications & Outreach for the Vermont Democratic Party, to discuss presidential politics, the legislative session and how to get involved in democratic political...
General Democratic Party Updates - 12/11/2019
Andrew Champagne, Assistant Treasurer, gives an update on what's happening in the Burlington Democratic Party.
Democratic Party Update - Vermont and Beyond - 11/13/2019
Andrew Champagne, Ward 2 Democratic Chair and member of the Vermont Democratic State Committee, and Sam Donnelly, chair of the Burlington Democratic Party, discuss Democratic politics in Burlington, Montpelier, and Washington DC. 
Statewide Party Politics - 10/09/2019
Andrew Champagne, Assistant Treasurer for the Burlington Democrats, talks with the statewide spokesperson for the Vermont Democrats R. Christopher Di Mezzo. 
Youth Engagement in our Communities - 09/11/2019
Grace Viscito, from the Vermont Democratic Party, speaks with Skyler Nash, student activist, and Hannah King, Deputy Executive Director of College Democrats of Vermont, about youth engagement in our communities and the electoral process.
Criminal Justice Reform - 08/14/2019
Sarah George, Chittenden County State's Attorney, and Skyler Nash, UVM Student Activist, talk with Andrew Champagne, member of the State Democratic Committee, about local, state and national politics and their specific work on criminal justice...
General Updates on State and City Democrats and a Look at Presidential Elections - 07/10/2019
Andrew Champagne holds the floor for the Burlington Democrats with general updates on party politics in local, state and national elections.
Municipal Update - 06/12/2019
Sam Donnelly, Chair of BTV Democrats, is joined by Asfar Basha, President of UVM Democrats, and R. Christopher DiMezzo, Spokesperson of Vermont Democratic Party, to discuss what is currently happening with the party and things to look forward...
Municipal Update - 05/08/2019
Councilor Adam Roof, Ward 8, and Andrew Champagne, Assistant Treasurer with the Burlington Democrats, give a run down of the latest municipal news including water resourcing staff reorganization, the new make-up of the Burlington City Council, and...
Burlington City Update - 04/10/2019
Sam Donnelly, Democrat Youth Activist, sits down with Franklin Paulino, Burlington City Councilor, North District, and Olivia Pena, Ward 1 Chair, Burlington Democratic Party, to discuss issues facing the community.
Burlington High School Debate Team - 03/13/2019
City Councilor Joan Shannon, South District is joined by Jackson Elder and Julia Shannon-Grillo from Burlington High School's Debate Team.
City Updates - 01/09/2019
City Councilor Joan Shannon, South District, and City Councilor Richard Deane, East District, discuss the latest from City Hall.
Updates from Jill Krowinski and Andrew Champagne - 11/14/2018
Burlington Democrats Assistant Treasurer Andrew Champagne is joined by Rep. for D-Chitt 6-3 and House Majority Leader Jill Krowinski to update viewers on the goings on in Burlington and Vermont.
Updates from Councilor Chip Mason - 09/12/2018
Councilor Chip Mason, D - Ward 5, discuss local goings-on.

Featured Story

Town Meeting TV Presents Virtual Primary Election Candidate Forums

Beginning Thursday, July 16th, Town Meeting TV will present candidate forums for many of the (down-ticket) contested seats that are on the ballot in Chittenden County. Visit www.cctv.org/watch-tv/elections for election-related events and resources. Live broadcasts, recorded meetings, and other local programs can also be found on YouTube: www.youtube.com/townmeetingtv


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