"North of Pearl, West of Willard" - Slide Show and Community Comments

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This slide presentation was originally produced by the UVM Historic Preservation Program. It was transferred onto videotape in 1994 by the Burlington Planning  and Zoning Dept. with funding assistance from the Vt. Division for Historic Preservation and the UVM Historic Preservation Program. No attempt was made to update the film. While some details have changed since 1985, its message essentially remains timeless.

Produced by graduate students in the Historic Preservation Program, Dept. of History, UVM. - Craig Adams, Reachel Bitven (???); Stephen Engelhart, Project coordinator;

Lauren Murphy; Michelle Plourde (????); Lisa Schaeffer.

Faculty Advisor: Chester H. Liebs, Director

Media Consultant: John Karol, Apertura Productions

Project Advisors: Gary DeCarolis, Samuel B. Hand, Richard H. Janson (????), Neil Stout (????), Brenda Torpy.


With special thanks to: George Agel,Thomas Bassett, Minnie E. Blondin, Dr. Adrian Bouchard, Terrill Bouricius, Frank J. Bove, Zoe Brenner, Blanche Bushey, Lillian Baker Carlisle, Kirby Dunn, Vicki Dutra (????), Bradford and Emest..?...Eselp...???, Leo Fleury, Father Raymond Giroux, Peter and Rosemary Gravelline (???), Robert Gordon, Maggie Green, Mrs. Alfred H. H)???), Kathy Hibbert, Douglas Howe, Jack and Priscilla Hurley, Ike Isley, Joyce Keeler, Robert Keernan, Rolf Kielman, Howard ?????, Peter Lackowski, George Leclair, Mannie Lionni. Irving and Lillian Lisman (????), Rev. Bernard Messler, Edward McMorries, Frank Merola, Robert Mitchell, Wards 2 and 3 NPA's,

The Old North End Voice, Gordon Pacquette, Frank and Flora Palm, Frank Peno, Lou and Bob Ploof, Earnest Pomerleau, Clement and Gertrude Rock (????), Myron and Lillian Samuelson, Anne R. Shelarksy (????), Nadia S. Smith, Thoren Smith ???(?????), Suzanne Wagner. And all the people who live and work in the Old North End.


Post-Production: Instructional Development Center, UVM; Elizabeth Schmidt, Wesley M. Graff III.

Narrator: "Rod" Engelhart.  Titles: Visual Design Studio, Burlington, Vt.

Historic Photograhs and Documents courtesy of:  Wilbur Collection, Special Collections, Bailey-Howe Library, UVM; and  St. Joseph's Catholic Church, Burlington, Vt.

The views and opinions expressed in the course of this slide show/video are the opinions of those who voiced them and do not necessarily reflect those of the Vermont Council on the Humanities and Public issues, nor of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Copyright 1985 Historic Preservation Program, UVM





  • Production Date: 01/01/1985
  • Catalog Number: 3017
  • Archive Number: A4
  • Series: none
  • Length: *0:24:51
  • Town: Burlington
  • Geography: Burlington
  • Event Type: Department
  • Content Type: Other



, Chester Liebs, UVM

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