Restorative Justice

Senator Patrick Leahy: Press Conference on Justice Kennedy Retirement 06/29/2018

Senator Patrick Leahy: Address to International Restorative Justice Conference 06/29/2018

Leaders for Change Nominee Herb Sinkinson 11/30/2017

Burlington CEDO Show: Restorative Justice Panels at the Burlington Community Justice Center 10/23/2017

Young Justice: Safe Injection Sites 09/08/2017

Partnership for Change: TBD 06/06/2017

Partnership for Change: Restorative Practice Work in Burlington School District 02/07/2017

Partnership for Change: Education Equity in Action 12/06/2016

Essex Community Justice Center - Transition from Reparative Boards to Restorative Justice Panel 07/26/2016

Partnership for Change: Year End Studies Session at Burlington High School 06/07/2016

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