Coronavirus Relief Fund Spending Press Conference with Senators Ashe, Cummings, and Kitchel 07/02/2020

Congressman Peter Welch: Infrastructure Press Conference: Winooski 07/01/2020

Congressman Peter Welch: Local Restaurant Support Press Conference 06/22/2020

Tim Ashe COVID-19 Update: How Has COVID-19 Impacted New Americans in Vermont? 05/27/2020

Tim Ashe COVID-19 Update: We Must Continue to be Vigilant Against COVID-19 05/26/2020

Vermont State House: Senate Committee on Education - UVM & State Colleges Update 05/21/2020

Tim Ashe COVID-19 Update: A Walk Through of Governor Scott's Economic Recovery Proposal 05/20/2020

Vermont State House: House Committee on General, Housing, and Military Affairs - Post COVID-19 Housing for the Currently Homeless 05/19/2020

Congressman Peter Welch: Homework Gap Virtual Discussion with Rep. Welch 05/19/2020

Vermont Dairy Producers Alliance E-Meeting - Welch, Leahy, Sanders 05/14/2020

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Town Meeting TV Primary 2020 Election Coverage Kick Off

This election season is looking pretty different isn’t it? One great thing is that more and more people are showing interest and investment in the political process and it is likely we will see some large turnout at the ‘polls’ this August 11 and November 3 - even if the polls are voting by mail!


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