Hosts/Producers Brett Gaskill and Patricia Crocker, discusses current issues with a variety of guests.

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Format: 2021-07-31
Format: 2021-07-31
The Meaning and Limits of Liberty - 01/05/2018
Bob Dougall discusses liberty: its meaning and its limits.
Pregnancy, Parenting, and Relationship Journeys - 11/03/2017
Host Bob Dougall interviews Executive Director Deb Couture of Burlington's and Saint Albans' Inspire Together Centers, run by a locally supported faith-based organization that offers compassion, hope, and practical help to those facing...
What to the Slave is the Fourth of July? - 07/07/2017
A discussion of the meaning of Frederick Douglas' Fourth of July Speech. Robert Maynard was one of many individuals with the Vermont Humanities Council who hosted events commemorating the Fourth of July Speech by escaped slave and abolitionist...
A Talk With Bonnie Scott - 03/03/2017
Host Bob Dougall speaks with guest Bonnie Scott about the Libertarian Party's position on all of the new legislative changes.
Can We Talk? - Hillary & Trump Supporters Get Together - 01/06/2017
Host Patricia Crocker speaks with guests Ellie Martin, Trump supporter, and Matthew Stern, Hillary supporter, about Hillary Clinton Supporters and Donald Trump Supporters getting together and sharing good food and good conversation, a model for...
Matt Kibbe Comes to Burlington - 12/02/2016
Host Bob Dougall speaks with Paul Dame about an upcoming lecuture featuring Matt Kibbe, the President and Chief Community Organizer of Free the People, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting libertarian ideals.
Jace Laquerre Makes History by Becoming the Youngest Delegate to the Republican National Convention - 08/05/2016
Host Bob Dougall speaks with Jace Laquerre, a Young Conservative Student activist in Colchester. He is an active member in multiple conservative organizations such as, Young Americans for Liberty, Students for Life, the NRA, and was a former state...
Victims of Industrial Wind, Part 2 - 05/06/2016
Host Brett Gaskill speaks with Annette Smith on the current issues of industrial wind power in Vermont. Annette Smith is Executive Director of Vermonters for a Clean Environment based in Danby.  A graduate of Vassar College, she lives off-...
Are You Feeling "Taxed" by Taxes? - 04/01/2016
Host Patricia Crocker speaks with Annette Roque Renaud, Tax Preparer, and Representative Paul Dame, (R) Chitt. 8-2, on the issue of taxes. Veritas is sponsored by
Victims of Industrial Wind - 03/04/2016
Host Brett Gaskill speaks with Steven and Luann Therrien on their experience with an industrial wind project in Sheffield, VT. The Sheffield project consists of 16 turbines. The nearest turbine to the Therrien's home was less than 3/4 of a mile...
All You Want to Know About the All-Payer Waiver and Your Medicare - 02/05/2016
Host Patricia Crocker welcomes Darcie Johnston, Vermonters for Health Care Freedom, to speak about health care issues in Vermont.  Follow Vermonters for Health Care Freedom on Facebook.  Veritas is Sponsored by
Syrian Refugees: Is it Worth the Risk? - 12/04/2015
Brett Gaskill hosts this timely conversation.  Sponsored by
Are Monopolies a Good Thing? Bruce Parker and School Choice - 11/06/2015
Brett Gaskill speaks with Bruce Parker, writer for on school choice, and issue of controversy with Act 46.  Sponsored by
"The Liberty Movement in School" - 10/02/2015
Host Brett Gaskill speaks with guests Meghan Collins, 17 and a senior at Colchester High School and Jimmy Collins, 16 and a junior at Colchester High School. about "The Liberty Movement in School." Sponsored by...