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Municipal candidates and ballot questions are aired for public reflection.

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Format: 2019-08-19
Format: 2019-08-19
Essex Town Meeting - 03/04/2019
The Town Meeting will be held on Monday, March 4, 2019 at 7:30 p.m. in the Essex Community Educational Center. The free community dinner will be held at 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria prior to Town Meeting. Free child care is available during Town...
Colchester Town Meeting - 03/04/2019
The annual Town Meeting of Colchester.
South Burlington Budget and Ballot Items Presentation - 02/25/2019
Helen Riehle, City Council Chair, and Tom Hubbard, Deputy City Manager, present on the South Burlington budget and ballot items. Moderated by Lauren-Glenn Davitian.
South Burlington City Council Candidate Forum - 2 Year Term and 3 Year Term - 02/25/2019
Candidates: 3 Year Term: Tim Barritt (Incumbent) Frank Davis (Absent) 2 Year Term: Dave Kaufman (Incumbent) Moderator: Lauren-Glenn Davitian
South Burlington School Board Budget Presentation - 02/22/2019
A panel, comprising of Amadee Denton, Business Manager; Gary Marckres, Director of Operation and Finance; Elizabeth Fitzgerald, School board Chair; Amel Husrefovic, South Burlington High School Senior; William Patno, South Burlington High School...
South Burlington School Board Candidate Forum - 02/22/2019
Candidates: Martin LaLonde - 2 Year Term (Incumbent) and Brian Minier - 3 Year Term Moderator: Howard Wooden
Burlington School Board Candidate Forum - 02/20/2019
Candidates: Kathy Olwell - East District (Incumbent) and Jean Waltz - Central District (Incumbent) Absent: Kendra Sowers - North District and Jeff Wick - South District (Incumbent) Moderator: Matt Kelly
Burlington School Board Budget Presentation - 02/19/2019
Yaw Obeng presents the Burlington School Board Budget. Host: Diane Meyerhoff
Williston Town Budget and Ballot Question Presentation - 02/18/2019
Terry Macaig, Selectboard Chair, is joined by Rick McGuire, Town Manager, Deb Beckett, Town Clerk & Treasurer, and Erik Wells, Assistant to the Town Manager, to give a presentation of the Williston Town budget and ballot questions.
Williston Selectboard Candidate Forum - 2 Year Term - 02/18/2019
Candidate: Gordon St. Hilaire Moderator: Matt Kelly
Williston Selectboard Candidate Forum - 3 Year Term - 02/18/2019
Candidates: Theresa "Terri" Zittritsch (Incumbent), Ted Kenney (Incumbent), and McKew Devitt Moderator: Matt Kelly
Burlington City Council Candidate Forum - North District - 02/15/2019
Candidates: Ericka Bundy Redic (I), Franklin Paulino (D), and Kienen Christianson (I) Moderator: Matt Kelly
Burlington City Council Candidate Forum - South District - 02/15/2019
Candidates: Mohamed Jafar (P), Joan Shannon (D) (Incumbent), and Paco DeFrancis (I) Moderator: Matt Kelly
Burlington City Council Candidate Forum - East District - 02/15/2019
Candidates: Richard Deane (D) (Incumbent) and Jack Hanson (P) Moderator: Matt Kelly

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