Town Meeting Day Election Forums



Municipal candidates and ballot questions are aired for public reflection.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2021-07-28
Format: 2021-07-28
Burlington City Councilor - East District - 02/22/2021
Candidate: Jack Hanson - Progressive (Incumbent) Moderator: Diane Meyerhoff
Vermont New American Advisory Council Burlington Mayoral Forum - 02/20/2021
Burlington Mayoral candidates meet in this forum sponsored by the Vermont New American Advisory Council.
Burlington School Commissioners - East, West, South, and North Districts - 02/19/2021
Candidates: Kathleen "Kathy" Olwell (East District), Jean Waltz (South District), Kendra Sowers (North District, not participating in the forum), Jeffrey J. Wick (South District, not participating in the forum)  All Unopposed...
Winooski School Board - 3-Year Term, 2 Seats - 02/19/2021
Candidates: Steven Berbeco (Incumbent), Kamal Dahal (Running to fill an unexpired 3-year term)  Moderator: Lauren-Glenn Davitian
Williston Selectboard - 2-Year and 3-Year Term - 02/18/2021
Candidates: Gordon St. Hilaire (Incumbent), Terry Macaig (Incumbent) (Both Unopposed) Moderator: Stephanie Lahar
AARP Burlington Mayoral Forum - 02/17/2021
Burlington Mayoral candidates meet in this forum sponsored by AARP.
Champlain Valley School District FY22 Budget Presentation - 02/16/2021
Lynne Jaunich, CVSD Board Chair, and Elaine Pickney, Superintendent, present the CVSD FY22 budget.
South Burlington School Board - 2-Year Term - 02/15/2021
Candidates: Travia Childs, Scott Bronson, James Johnson Jr Moderator: Stephanie Lahar
South Burlington School Board - 3-Year Term - 02/15/2021
Candidates: Stephanie Stec, Rebecca Day Moderator: Lauren-Glenn Davitian
Winooski City Councilors 2-Year Term, 2 Seats - 02/12/2021
Candidates: Jim Duncan (Incumbent), James McCormick, Sam Myers, Dallas Wheatley, Bryn Oakleaf Moderator: Christina Bell
Burlington Ballot Item Forum - Opposing Just Cause Eviction - 02/11/2021
Amanda Skehan, Burlington Tenant, Betsy Allen-Pennebaker, Burlington Landlord, and Chip Mason, Ward 5 City Councilor, discuss the Just Cause Eviction ballot item on this year's Burlington Town Meeting Day ballot. Moderator: Lauren-Glenn Davitian
Essex Selectboard - 3-Year Term - 02/11/2021
Candidates: Tracey Delphia, Elaine Haney (Incumbent) Moderator: Diane Meyerhoff
Essex Selectboard - 1-Year Term - 02/11/2021
Candidates: Dawn Hill-Fleury (Incumbent), Mark Nadeau (Not participating in the forum) Moderator: Diane Meyerhoff
Burlington City Councilor - Central District - 02/10/2021
Candidates: Tiki Archambeau - Independent, Perri Freeman- Progressive (Incumbent), Peggy A. Luhrs - Independent Moderator: Seth Leonard
Burlington City Councilor - North District - 02/10/2021
Candidates: Mark Barlow - Independent, Kienan Christianson - Democratic/Progressive (Incumbent) Moderator: Seth Leonard