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Host Dennis McMahon: A look at people, their lives and work.

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Format: 2020-05-28
Format: 2020-05-28
Vermont Cheese Council - 09/28/2009
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Calley Hastings, Vermont Cheese Council Coordinator.
Vermont Emergency Response Volunteers - 08/27/2009
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Gretchen Berger-Wabuti, Executive Director of the Vermont Commission on National and Community Service, on The Vermont Emergency Response Volunteers program (VERV), a network of trained volunteers ready to assist in...
Vermont Buffalo Soldiers 100th Anniversary - 07/22/2009
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Rose Mary Graveline on the Fort Ethan Allen Living History Day celebration.  
Vermont - Nigerian Rotarys 'Clean Water Project' - 06/24/2009
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Harold 'Wes' Westover of the Colchester-Milton Rotary Club and Father John Nwagbaraocha on local and International Rotarians raising monies to construct a water system for Father John's Nigerian home of Nui.
Sister Irene Duchesneau - Fanny Allen Foundation - 05/28/2009
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Executive Director of the Fanny Allen Foundation, Sister Irene Duchesneau, the 13th Director of the Foundation and the last remaining nun at Fanny Allen.
Tom Torti, President, Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce - 04/30/2009
Host Dennis McMahon interviews Tom Torti, President of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce on the organizations mission and activities.
Roger Allbee, Secretary, Vermont Agency of Agriculture - 04/03/2009
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Secretary of Vermont's Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets on the challenges and initiatives of the Agency.
Lund Family Center - 02/27/2009
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Kitty Bartlett, Annual Campaign Director for the Lund Family Center.
Vermont Energy Partnership - 01/14/2009
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Brad Ferland, President of Vermont Energy Partnership.
Traffic Safety - Lt. John Flannigan - 12/23/2008
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Lt. John Flannigan, Commander, Traffic Safety Unit of the Vermont State Police, on traffic safety issues.
Ethan Allen Homestead - 10/09/2008
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Laura Need, Interim Director, of the Ethan Allen Homestead on the history, events and opportunities for public participation.  www.ethanallenhomestead.org
Bruce Hyde, Cmsnr., Vt. Tourism Dept. - 06/17/2008
Guest this week is Bruce Hyde, Commissioner of the Vt. Dept. of Tourism
Vt. National Guard Fallen Heroes Memorial - 05/15/2008
Host Dennis McMahon discusses with General Steve Cray of the Vermont National Guard Charitable Foundation and Rick Brehm of the Vermont National Guard on the plans and efforts underway for building a Memorial to Guard members lost in the line of...
Health of Lake Champlain - 04/17/2008
Dennis McMahon discusses the Lake Champlain National Heritage Partnership with Jim Brangan Cultural Heritage and Recreation Coordinator for the Lake Champlain Basin Program. For more information contact jbrangan [at] lcbp [dot] org or visit us.
Homebuilders Assoc. of Northern Vt. - 03/18/2008
Dennis McMahon hosts Joe Singara of the Homebuilders and Remodelers Association on current initiatives and approaches to the Vermont Housing Market.