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Host Dennis McMahon: A look at people, their lives and work.

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Format: 2020-05-31
Format: 2020-05-31
Vermont Land Trust - 02/15/2011
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Gil Livingston, President of the Vermont Land Trust, on the organizations work throughout the state.  
All Breed Rescue Vermont - 01/13/2011
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with representatives of All Breed Rescue, Hilary Davis, President, Lynne Robertson, Vice President and volunteers  Ashley Gaudette, Ava Davis, and Heidi Weston.  
Vermont Foodbank - 12/08/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with John Sayles, CEO of Vermont Foodbank, on food and hunger issues and how citiznes can help.
National Wildlife Federation - 11/09/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Curtis Fisher, Regional Executive Director, Conservation Programs, of the Northeast Region of the National Wildlife Federation. 
Efficiency Vermont - 10/07/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Logan Brown, Manager of Efficiency Vermont's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program.  The Home Performance program is the gateway to residential energy efficiency, including a trained and certified group...
Green Mountain Animal Defenders - 09/01/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Deborah Loring and Brenna Galdenzi on the variety of programs Green Mountain Animal Defenders is active in. (The 'Mile of Money' campaign raising money for spay/neuter program, wild animals used as...
Downtown Essex Junction - 07/19/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with a group of volunteers and residents, Jaye O'Connell, Susanna Olson, and George Tyler - Village Trustee, on the variety of redevelopment efforts happening in the Village of Essex Junction.
Vermont State Entomologist Jon Turmel - 06/22/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Vermont State Entomologist Jon Turmel.
Vermont Crafts Council - 05/19/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with members of the Vermont Crafts Council on their mission and history in the State. For more information visit their website http://www.vermontcrafts.com  104 Main St., Montpelier, Vt. 05601  Ph: (802) 223-3380
Vermont Maple Festival - 04/21/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Cecile Branon of Branon Family Maple Orchards in Fairfield on the Vermont Maple Festival.
Go Vermont - Commuting & Ridesharing Resources for Vermonters - 03/22/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Ross MacDonald of Vermont's Agency of Transportation on the 'GO VERMONT' program. Go Vermont is a resource for commuters who want to reduce the cost and environmental impact of driving. The program...
Vermont Rail Action Network - 02/09/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Christopher Parker, Executive Director of Vermont Rail Action Network.
Ernie Farrar - Vermont Golden Gloves Tournament - 01/12/2010
Host Dennis McMahon speaks Ernie Farrar, Director of the Vermont Golden Gloves Tournament.
Holiday Safety - 11/30/2009
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Micheal Greenia, Assistant State Fire Marshal, Vermont Division of Fire Safety, on Holiday Safety.
Stormwater Education - 10/27/2009
Host Dennis McMahon speaks with Dan Senecal-Albrecht, Senior Planner with Chittenden County Regional Stormwater Education Program.