Burlington School Commissioners


Jeanne Collins


School Board members, administrators and community members discuss issues and topics of the District.

Programs in this Series

Format: 2020-01-26
Format: 2020-01-26
Burlington School Commissioners' Corner - 06/02/2005
Jurij Homziak hosts Deb Smith (Edmunds Middle School), Melissa Hathaway (Edmunds Elementary), and Lyman Amsden (Superintendent of Burlington schools) to discuss guidence programs in public schools.
Burlington School Commissioners' Corner - 05/05/2005
Burlington Schools' Show: Commissioners' Corner Physical Education Curriculum Keith Pillsbury (School Commissioner), Joan Shortsleeve (Physical Education Teacher), Chris Souliere (Physical Education Teacher), and Lyman Amsden (Superintendent...
Burlington School Commissioners' Corner - 04/07/2005
Channel 17 Live Show Burlington School Commisioners' Corner Art Curriculum in Burlington Keith Pillsbury (School Commisioner) and John Mazuzan (Art Curriculum in Burlington)