Political Party

Burlington Democrats: Host Andrew Champagne 03/09/2016

Progressives Today: Vermont Progressive Party 03/08/2016

Chittenden Democrats: Kesha Ram, Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor 03/07/2016

South Burlington City Council 2-Year Seat 02/18/2016

Uncontested CVU Williston School Board Seats 02/17/2016

Williston School Board 3-Year Seat 02/17/2016

Uncontested 3 and 2 Year Seats - Town of Williston Selectboard 02/16/2016

South Burlington City Council 3-Year Seat 02/15/2016

South Burlington Schools - Uncontested Board Seats 02/15/2016

South Burlington School Budget Presentation 02/15/2016

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