Save Open Space - Burlington: Justice at the King & Maple Crossroads 12/17/2019

Woodchuck Report: Impeachment and Current Events 12/13/2019

Channel 17/ Town Meeting TV Holiday Party and Solstice Celebration 2019 12/12/2019

Burlington Democrats: General Democratic Party Updates 12/11/2019

Operation City on a Hill: Democracy in America 12/10/2019

Feminist Media Review: Morality in the Media 12/09/2019

Burlington Progressives TV: Progressive Candidates for City Council 12/06/2019

Nadando Contra la Corriente con Justicia Migrante: Episodio 28 - Sheriff de Chittenden viola la politica NoMASPoliMigra 12/05/2019

Vermont Affordable Housing Show: Looking Back Over 35 Years in Housing 12/04/2019

Burlington School Commissioners: New Principal Interviews 12/03/2019

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