Chittenden County

Election Party for Supporters of Roz Payne for Asst. Judge 11/04/1986

Nat's Hand on Handwritten Title 11/01/1986

WCAX Halloween Story About Dan Higgins's Video Cafe Dress-Up Party 10/31/1986

Live (Channel 15) PEG Access Retrospective - Celebrating Newly Dedicated Cable Channel15 10/30/1986

Waldorf School's Rene Querido on the Jack Barry Radio Show 10/09/1986

United Way Annual Drive Press Conference 09/11/1986

Chittenden County Side Judge Candidate Forum 09/04/1986

Wine and Cheese Benefit for Salvation Army and Sara Holbrook Center 07/24/1986

Burlington This Is You!: Burlington This You! E53 05/28/1986

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