PSA Contest: King St. Youth Center Mentoring PSA 09/24/2008

O'Brien Community Center - Tour with J. Ladd 05/08/2008

Misc Raw Footage 2010-1986: See Description 07/01/2004

Honk 4 Pink! Community Housing Redevelopment in Garish Color Schemes, and Youth Job Training 07/01/2003

MYO Candlelight Vigil for the World Summit on Children 01/01/1990

Pierre Jalbert Piano Recital 06/08/1989

Bernie Speaks with the Community: 52: Jane Driscoll and Bernie Sanders are Married and Return From Yaroslavl 05/28/1988

Rockpoint Youth Chamber Music Festival Intro 04/20/1988

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Town Meeting TV Summer 2021 Paid Production Intern

The Town Meeting TV production intern will work on community media projects at the request of Town Meeting TV’s production coordinator in partnership with identified community partners.


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