Deep Dish TV- Iraq World Tribunal 05/25/2005

POW - MIA Recognition Day 09/14/1991

Murdered Priests in El Salvador 11/01/1989

Charlie McMartin Press Conference re War in El Salvador 03/08/1989

Burlington Moratorium to End the War in Central America: March & Talks 09/29/1987

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Mayor Sanders Press Conference About Reagan's War Policies 04/22/1987

Preventing Nuclear War, Narrated by Paul Newman 02/18/1987

The Costa Rica Connection 07/23/1986

Burlington Mayor Bernie Sanders: Sanders' Press Conference Regarding Boycott Against General Electric 07/10/1986

Vigil at Sen. Leahy's Office, Asking for Open Hearings on U.S. Support to Nicaraguan Contras 03/03/1986

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