BTV Ignite

Hacking Into Laboratory B 12/22/2016

City of Burlington Named a White House TechHire City 03/09/2016

Burlington’s Tech Future – from Education to the Economy 10/29/2015

IEEE International Conference on the Edges of Innovation: Wubin Li Presents Cloud Computing as an Enabler for Smart Cities 10/23/2015

IEEE International Conference on the Edges of Innovation: Keynote Speakers Announces Competition to Produce Next-Generation Internet Apps 10/23/2015

Burlington Mayor's Press Conference: Next Steps for BTV Ignite 09/22/2015

Congressman Peter Welch: BTV Ignite Roundtable 09/22/2015

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Vermont Legislature Commissions Study to Look at New Ways to Fund Community Media

Cable cord cutting and the changing media landscape is having an impact on Town Meeting TV and our fellow community media centers across the state and nation. Vermont advocates are working hard to ensure the long term funding of public, educational and government (PEG) access. There is great news to share...


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